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Update Test

Posted By: Siren on Oct 13 2016, 09:09: AM

Amazing update test! 

Cake Ragnarok Online Rules

Posted By: Siren on Jul 17 2016, 11:57: AM


Please obey the following rules. By doing so, together we can keep the game environment fun and enjoyable for everyone.
Anyone caught breaking the rules will be disciplined by a 
[Game Master] under his or her discretion.

 > [a.] Game Relations

  • You may only use the official Cake Ragnarok online client to connect to the the server.
  • GRF Modifications are forbidden and will result in immediate suspension of all accounts associated.
  • NO BOTTING, it is strictly frowned upon to hack or use any of a 3rd party program (including macros).
  • - Exception: Homunculus Artificial Intelligences are allowed, as long as it does not auto-feed or make the player auto-walk.

> [b.] General Game Relations

  • Do not impersonate a [Game Master], do not name yourself similar to any staff member, and do not impersonate other players.
  • Do not spam annoying skills (e.g. Ice Wall, etcetera) in town to cause lag, however events are an exception.
  • Do not use character names, guild names, or guild titles with offensive or inappropriate words in them, that might directly or indirectly offend other players
  • Do not use guild emblems that may directly or indirectly offend other players.
  • Do not attempt to trade things within the server for other things outside of Cake Ragnarok Online, this includes real money, items, accounts of other servers, or games.
  • Exploiting bugs that result in the gaining of large quantities of zeny, items, or disrupts the server results in a ban, however reporting a bug of this nature will result in a reward.

> [c.] Game Master Relations

  • Respect all staff members.
  • Do not ask to become a staff member.
  • Do not spam the staff members with irrelevant messages.
  • [Game Masters] will never give away any zeny, items, leech, or tank to other players.
  • [Game Masters] reserve the right to ban, mute, as well as jail for rule violations without warning.
  • [Game Masters] reserve the right to kick or punish offending vending shops at their discretion.
  • [Game Masters] will never ask for items or passwords in game.

> [d.] Chatting & Market Relations

  • Do not bypass the no chatting zone.
  • Do not vend while standing on the road.
  • Do not put false advertisements in a vending shop title with the intention of deceiving buyers.
  • Do not set up a buying shop where you buy items for less than their non-player character value.
  • Do not attempt to block vending locations for the sole sake of reserving space in places with a vending limit.
  • Do not hold or keep a vend spot by either selling overpriced items, buying items for a significantly under-priced amount.
  • Do not open a vending shop or chatting room within 5 tiles below or 3 tiles around a non-player character or warp portal.

> [e.] Player Relations

  • Respect all players, absolutely no harassment or discrimination is allowed.
  • When casting area attacks, make sure not to target other players' monsters.
  • Do not scam, steal people of their items, accounts, zeny or vote points.
  • Offenses such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment may result in a ban.
  • Do not attack, loot or greed other players' monsters without their permission.
  • Do not use the Warp Portal skill on players without their sole permission.
    - Exception: You may do this in PvP maps, however not to an experience loss map.
  • A monster "belongs" to another player if it is attacking, being attacked by, trapped by, or following that player.
    - MVP Bosses become fair-game if the previously "belonged to" player is not within range of the MVP for over 10 seconds. 
  • Mobbing a lot of monsters on the map is only allowed if it does not affect the other players on the map.
    - For instance: do not mob the entire map with your Homunculus leaving no monsters for other players.
  • Gathering normal monsters and leading them to another player with the intention of killing them is not allowed.
  • Do not spam repetitive messages, trash-talk, or use vulgar, racial, or otherwise obscene language in the #main chat channel.
  • Something is considered spam when the same (or a similar) message is repeated every 30 seconds or minute.
  • If you need something, do not tell or ask about it every 30 seconds or minute, once every few minutes is more than enough.
  • English is the primary language in #main chat, extended conversations or excessive lines in another language can be treated as spam on a case-by-case, player-reported basis.

> [f.] Alchemist & Creator (Biochemist) Relations

  • Do not kill other Alchemists' Plants without their permission.
  • Monsters that an Alchemist's Plants or Homunculus are fighting belong to that specified player.
  • The Kill Steal rule only applies to Homunculi and Plants when sitting in a place that is not a disturbance to other players.
  • Do not allow your Homunculus to attack other players' monsters, simply use the "Stand By" (Alt+T) command as necessary.
  • While leveling your Homunculus or using Alchemist Plants, it is your responsibility to find a spot which does not disturb other players on the map.
  • In the case of using a homunculus as a primary offensive tactic, the owner of the homunculus needs to be prepared to be responsive to Private Messages.

 > [g.] Guild Wars & War of Emperium Relations

  • Bypassing the castle restriction is not allowed and will result in a punishment.
  • - NO Underhanded Tricks, such as:
  • Personal message distractions.
  • Spamming trade requests.
  • Spamming party invites.

 > [h.] Battleground Relations

  • It is not allowed to go away (afk) from the keyboard while participating in a Battlegrounds map.
  • Running more than one client or using more computers in the Battlegrounds is strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use any ways of gaining unfair advantages, remember, play fair, failing to do so will result in severe punishment.
  • Taking turns in winning and losing matches, such as making sure the other team wins by not attacking or defending is not allowed.

> [i.] Important Miscellaneous Rules

  • Do not advertise or recommend other Ragnarok Online servers on any kind of chat.
  • You are responsible for your account's security, choose a strong, secure password that you will not forget.
  • Do not trade in-game items or accounts for real life currency or for another server, game, items, as well as accounts.
  • We are not responsible if your items get stolen, because someone guessed your password, or because they deceived you.
  • Account trading is not encouraged, if you lose accounts, items, etc, from attempting to buy, sell or trade them, we are not responsible.
  • If your password is shared, you take FULL responsibility for their actions (including botting, scamming, item loss, character deletion, etc.)
  • If something is too good to be true, it most likely is. However, if you were scammed because of your own greed, then consider yourself at fault.
  • Do not scam, as for the rest, do not be foolish enough to fall for a scam. Forum, or in-game staff members will never ask for your account information.
  • - Most of all: practice using common sense, do not do things to other people that you would not wish for them to do to you, kindly oblige with all due respect.

News Topic Test

Posted By: Siren on Oct 13 2016, 09:06: AM

This is a news topic.  Isn't it wonderful? :)

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